Good garden design can make the world of difference to your outside space. Gardens should have flow and harmony, focal points and restful havens. If you want to make the most of your garden but are not sure how to go about it then a garden design might just be the way forward.

Our bespoke designs cater for individual requirements, because each and every client has a different idea of what they'd like to achieve. Our designs turn aspiration into reality.

To book a free consultation, enquire at the nursery or call Allison on 07769 942236

We look after every aspect of garden design and preparation ourselves, subcontracting only hard landscaping elements to trusted local companies, and then completing the planting ourselves. We explain the process and advise throughout, choosing materials, overseeing construction and selecting individual plants to create a cohesive and coherent scheme.

Growing Strong has been creating gardens with pride and passion for over a decade

Planting schemes

Planting schemes are also available, for individual borders or existing gardens. Many people opt for this service if they have a specific area they wish to create or improve upon. We'll visit the site so that we can create a planting scheme that makes the very best of the space in question. When selecting plants we are considering their year-round interest, texture, colour, form or movement qualities. Those selected will be considered next to their 'neighbours' - how one plant relates to another. We think about flowering times and colour, deciduous or evergreen, foliage form and texture, eventual size and overall interest of the plant, in order to achieve a harmonious feel within the chosen style. Please enquire for more information or to organise a free site visit.